This is my fight back against a mini mid-life crisis.  I will spend the next 4 months completely sober while training for a mini Triathlon on May 1st.  I am going to take some activities that are common in Californian’s lives and introduce them to mine.  Basically, I am going to do some shit I hate.  I am going to document this journey through this blog so all can see the suffering, obstacles and rewards that come with this task.  I will document my training, my eating (or lack there of,) and my adventures and what effects it has on my body and my mind.  I personally don’t think I can do it as the last time I went that long completely sober was when I was seventeen and in reform school.


1 Response to “What I’m doing.”

  1. 1 Phil Dunlap
    February 19, 2011 at 9:24 pm


    You are a terrific guy. ‘My salute’ to you.

    In one’s life, one can just totally float-by. Yet, some reach for goals that require more than a bit of effort. I don’t really think the goal-events are but a transient launch-point. No, NOT for yet another goal-event, but for a continuum. Its the path that counts, and that ‘frames’ one.

    ‘Walk-in-the-light’ and, give to ….and also receive from …others. One by sheer-will can achieve a string of efforts in a continuum (… objectives are assured, as well as, an interesting and rewarding life).


    Your Dad, Phil Dunlap

    p.s. Tell your wife, “I love her”. Have since day-1 (Christmas day), when I ran to the hospital. Seems that at 4 a.m. Mom thought I needed the rest and whilst I slept she quietly caught a taxi to the Naval Hospital in Yokosuka, Japan. Then a few hours later, I awoke when the hospital called a bit after 6 a.m.
    It was like the Santa Claus story, where I leaped from bed to see what was the matter…. then slammed-on some gym trunks and shoes, and made the hospital (~2.5miles distance) in about 17-min.
    The hospital staff, immediately thought I needed medical-help, and they took me to the Emergency Room. It took me another 17-min to convince them that I didn’t …. at which time I was escorted to the nursery room window. I wasn’t able to see Mom, I wasn’t able to see your wife, either. Seems everybody thought I needed a shirt, and that snow on the ground (Yokosuka – Dec 25th) was clear indication that I was off-balance. ‘Off-balance’ is a ‘kind’ way of saying, the Weapons Officer assigned to a major USS warship may be loosing-it. I wasn’t loosing-t; if that morning there had been a gym-shirt in the drawer…. well I would have worn it.
    The jog back to our quarters was a lot colder.

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