Day 120, Injury alert

Here I am, sitting at Katherine’s cousins’ house on a sunny morning of the 120th day of my journey.  This time tomorrow morning, I will have completed the swimming section of my triathlon and will be halfway through the biking portion, hopefully.  As of this morning I weigh 158 and when Trent and I checked my body fat on Thursday I was at 13%.  It is pretty crazy to think about these past four months and how much I have changed and grown as a person.  I have proven to myself that if I set some lofty goals (and tell a bunch of people about them through Facebook and this blog), I will accomplish them.  The triathlon tomorrow is not the finale but the reward.  Admittedly, I am a little stressed about it because two weeks ago, when we went to Disneyland, I, in the name of vanity, wore sandals for the eight-hour day. My ankles have been killing me since and I have not been able to train.

Z chaperone, before my feet felt the fury of the happiest place on earth

Now, do not fret my faithful friends.  I have bought stock in epsom salt and have been icing my ankles every night for the last 14 days.  I have tried all types of suggestions: even recruiting a Thai woman with a moustache and missing teeth to slap and pull some WWF moves on my feet.  They are still sore and my ankles a little weak, but in less than 24 hours they will be called to task.

I have an off-topic question, does anyone else think that it is a little strange that,  1) I am a Leo, 2) Disney’s African Cats opened last Friday and 3) I am going to Africa in less than eight weeks?  Now some would say this is just a coincidence, but I know that, once again, the stars have aligned for yours truly.

One more off-topic item.  Last week when I was doing my research for the Father of Mine post I found out that Faster Pussycat was playing at a small bar in Redondo Beach where I live.  The only problem was that it was the same night we were in San Diego watching the world-famous Philadelphia Phillies.

Phillies win in 11

Of course the game went into extra innings, but because my soul never sleeps, my car is fast, and I have an easy-going wife, we flew through the California night up the coast and got back to Redondo by 11 p.m.  We called the venue, No, Faster Pussycat hadn’t gone on yet.  We arrived at the bar with about 30 other people.  Katherine was the only girl without a tattoo on her face and I almost got sucker-punched when I ordered a white wine and a soda water.  We were tired, already emotionally drained from the Phillies extra inning win.  The band came out 20 feet from us.  To hear my childhood song, in person, after just posting about it made the night unforgettable.  The only thing missing was my little brother.

Redondo Beach yeah yeah

Faster Pussycat

So tomorrow is the big race.  I do not know what to expect but trusting myself, having the thoughts of all of you, and having the sexiest cheerleader standing on the side make me feel pretty confident.  I am doing this race in the name of all of us.  From my neighborhood boys of VB, to my family and all my friends, tomorrow I set out to compete and accomplish.  Wish me luck and trust me, you will hear all about it as I write tomorrow night over a cold beer.


1 Response to “Day 120, Injury alert”

  1. 1 dana macdonald
    April 30, 2011 at 11:10 am

    Best of luck to you tomorrow, Mike! And CONGRATULATIONS on your tremendous feat! Enjoy your frosty beverage after the tri!

    ps – i hope your blog doesn’t end now that the season in hell while living in paradise is over!

    Love, Dana

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