Shark bait

With the return of the Spring and the world-famous Philadelphia Phillies I am on my final stretch of not drinking.  This also means that my mini triathlon is only a few weeks away and I really have to ramp up my training.  Unfortunately, I have been sick all weekend so my final push has been delayed.  I have started training outside, and last Sunday a few of the guys and I went for a 14 mile bike ride and then attempted our first ocean swim off of Redondo Beach. It was cold and cloudy and wasn’t that fun.  I’ve never become a surfer simply because I feel like it takes away from my time in the ocean.  I love to swim and float and body surf but I’ve always felt the extra accessories of surfing are kind of a drag.  Plus, my biggest fears in life are needles and sharks and I always feel like wetsuits are pretty much seal costumes.

A winter swim

We were only in for a short time last weekend but as we prepared for another go this Sunday I had mentioned our troubles and adjustments to a friend.  You didn’t hear about the Great White sighting? he asked.  I laughed and told him to stop joking.  No, no, he said, Some surfers saw it last Sunday and then on Thursday a half eaten dolphin washed up. What the fuck! I don’t play around with that craziness.  Shit, get sheriff Brody on the line and that pirate guy!

Crowley, we got a problem

Let's kill this thing and get me a California girl

I rushed home to look up to see if this was all true.  I care a lot about doing a good job in this triathlon but I seem to have a true affection for my limbs.  Now sure, the story of a shark attack might be cool for a minute.  But, my arms and legs are cool too and I have plenty of other stories.

The shark attack in Redondo Beach turned out to be true and I’m not really excited about it.  I always feel safe where we swim because we have so many dolphins but the numbers didn’t do this guy any good.

This shit hurts


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