Welcome home Mr. Crowley

To start, my fame has now grown to my company’s home page.  That is right my friends; I am on home pages, buy multiple Mach 3 razors at a time and walk around singing the theme song to The Jeffersons.

My photography class was canceled tonight due to the fact that Reiko can’t handle the art I’ve been throwing at him.  You want a sunset Reiko…BANG

serving up sunsets

You want kids jumping or nature up close?


You want the truth Reiko?  You can’t handle the truth!


No, although it is true that Reiko probably thinks I am photographic wonder, we have the night off in honor of Presidents’ Day.  No matter what your political beliefs are, I hope that as Americans the struggle and birth of our nation is something that gives you pride. One of the books I am reading is Valley Forge by Newt Gingrich.  I’ve teared up twice so far and I am only 40 pages in.  There is something about this current time in our country, this lack of unity, that makes me look back into our history at some of our darkest days.  Valley Forge and the revolution in whole has always meant a lot to me.  I mean shit, I’m from Philadelphia, my mom had me posing with the Liberty Bell when I was like two hours old.  I ride through the streets of our society each day and I see both the good and the bad.  Then I get home at night and I read about these boys, these young men, frozen, sick, dirty, tired, 233 years ago living in tiny cabins 3o minutes from where I grew up.  Poor old Washington, by the time they arrived at Valley Forge he hadn’t won a battle since the previous Christmas at Trenton and Princeton.  His troops and his Congress all losing faith.  I think about how much he must have questioned himself, what he was doing, why he gave up his quiet days in Virginia and the company of his wife.  How lonely he must have been, watching his army starve and knowing the British were right down the river living in the warm comforts of Philadelphia, the city “he” let fall to the enemy.  These days I can call my wife, or Skype her if I’m abroad to get those soft words of encouragement that only the girl you love can give, but General Washington had to wait weeks, sometimes months for correspondence from his beloved.  The sacrifice that these men made, the belief that they had for us, for the United States of America, is something I try to consider and appreciate everyday.

I’m getting a little tired of all the shit being thrown at our country both from abroad and from home.  Though not perfect, if you have traveled at all you know how beautiful and invigorating America is.  I mean shit, France is wonderful but there are still some pubs in Paris that have a bare hole in the ground for a toilet, which is awkward if your hung over and your stomach is jacked. No matter where I go, or how much for those few weeks away I can immerse myself in the foreign culture, there is nothing like walking through customs and having that TSA personnel say “Welcome home Mr. Crowley,” as they stamp my passport. Damn straight, I am home.

So tonight General Washington, as a product of your sacafice, I thank you and your men and your faith in this country.  And, no matter what stupid bullshit Yahoo puts up tomorrow about you, you are a hero, your picture is on the dollar, and there are many here even if they don’t truly realize it, that appreciate you.  Happy birthday General, and thank you.

George Washington at Valley Forge 1778


2 Responses to “Welcome home Mr. Crowley”

  1. 1 Tom
    February 22, 2011 at 8:06 pm

    I particularly like the photo of you behind the wooden fense at 3. Even at an early age, you needed to be caged. A little whimpy on the throw, no? The blog is quite well done, who knew when we met at HT Grill….Tom

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