January 1st, Day 1 in Hell.

Ok, let me explain what the fuck I am doing here.  First, I am writing this a few days in advance as I am sure I am really hung over now being that New Year’s Eve was my last stand.  My last night of boozing that is.  I don’t really consider myself to have a drinking problem…anymore.  Through my late teens and all through my  twenties I had a passionate love affair with the sauce, but since I met my wife and the hangovers began to last days, the frequency of my big nights has subsided.  Now frequency and amount consumed are two different things.  When I go out, I go out to get fucked up.  I’ve never been a “Let’s grab a drink and talk Nietzsche ” kind of guy.  I’m more like a let’s read Nietzsche, get all pissed off, go out and get hammered and walk home across the tops of cars lining the street kind of guy.  Luckily, I’ve always had a certain charm, and big friends, so my drunken antics, although damaging at some points have for the most part been forgiven.

I am not humble, so before I begin to romanticize my last 16 years of boozing I would like to move on to the reason for this blog.  I am originally from the “City of Brotherly Love,” Philadelphia, but have been living in Southern California since 2001.  The first five years out here were spent doing nothing but  chasing girls, drinking and spending full days on the beach, which we called our office.  I worked in a bar on the beach so as you can see I didn’t have to go far for my three priorities.  Since 2006 or more accurately since I met my gorgeous wife priorities have changed.  With age and wisdom I started to take better care of myself.  Katherine, my wife, is really into fitness and started to get me involved in working out and eating healthier, although I still have the craziness in me as you can see in this picture of my most recent birthday.  They had put me to bed and I almost escaped.

Now the explanation for “A season in hell while living in paradise,” and my goals.  Over the next four months I am going to completely give up a drinking.  No Superbowl drinking, no Valentines bottles of wine, no opening-day-for-the-world-famous-Philadelphia-Phillies beer! Nothing! Not one drop.  I am going to spend the next four months getting in the best shape of my life, physically, mentally, socially and all the other ally’s you can possibly think of.  I am privileged to live in one of the most beautiful places in the country, and over the next four months I am going to take full advantage of it, sober, while bringing it all to you.

Ok, so as I said I am not drinking.  Big fucking deal right?  First of all, it is to me.  Second of all I am going to work my body and mind to its ultimate max.  Beginning January 4th I will be starting a boot camp for eight weeks with Trent Mitchell, owner of Mitchell Fitness in Torrance, Ca. This guy is a beast.  Actually the last time I worked out with him he brought me about an inch away from throwing up.  He’s a great guy and has told me he’s excited to kick my ass.  I actually just looked at his website while writing this and questioned my sanity.  One bad thing about him though is that he is a fucking Atlanta Braves fan.

So the boot camp starts January 4th three times a week.  I will also be taking a competitive swimming class twice a week and a photography class on Monday nights.  In the interim I will be exploring and documenting hikes, bike rides and healthy activities around the South Bay and Los Angeles, as well as attending the gym.  As each new month arrives I will blend something very Californian in with my lifestyle hence, Crowleyfornia!

Have a drink for me because I’m starting this shit up!


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